Why does this site look a lot like the stock Drupal Zen theme?

Note: I'm no longer using the Zen theme, as of 05/25/09, only because I felt the need for a change. :) This is still a relatively unmodified theme straight from the Drupal site. I still agree with my own thoughts below on the Zen and Garland themes.

Q: If I'm doing so much stuff with Drupal, why does my own site look like a stock theme?

A: Before giving my 2 "good reasons" why, I have to admit that when I see a new Drupal site with garland, it always makes me shake my head. Garland is the default! At least change the theme to something else, please? Garland is an awesome theme, but perhaps I've spent too much time staring at it, as I use it for the "administration" theme on most of the sites I build. Anyhow, the reasons behind my "stock" Zen theme are:

  • They say that the shoemaker's kids are always barefoot, and the plumber's sink drips. Yes, to some extent this is kinda weak, but the bottom line is that I have been too busy building other people's sites, coming into new projects, and working on sites that have real deadlines to work on my own theme.
  • Zen is an awesome theme. It flows well, is valid XHTML, has all the components and features that I need in a Drupal theme. Why mess with it?