Why There's No Flash on the iPhone

I was just reading this article regarding flash on the iPhone. The original author basically states that Apple's SDK limitations disallow a developer to author and publish an interpreter (Java/JVM, or Flash would fall into this category).

Personally, I opine that the real reason that Apple is reluctant to enable flash in their version of Safari for the iPhone is due to the fact that generally speaking, flash is just not stable enough for a phone. No matter what the proponents of flash may say, I have seen enough browser take downs of FireFox and Safari when viewing flash-based embedded content to support this. I can't imagine that Apple is prepared to deal with a port of the Flash VM to such a new platform that's already had a few dings in it's credibility with the 2.0 release of the OS.

Now that we're on 2.1.0, and feeling much more stable in general on the iPhone, I feel that Apple will start considering this type of "VM" integration. I don't think that having flash in the browser is going to take away from App Store sales, as the typical application in the App Store has a much better user experience than that of any of the web-based "apps".

I've seen plenty of flash applications that run poorly on my dual-core 2.0GHz machine, so how can you trust any random "flash guy" to write his AS3 so that it executes with decent performance on a device that has less power than your typical desktop?

I don't particularly miss not having flash in the iPhone, and really hope that Apple doesn't waste too many resources trying to make it work, instead focusing on things like the coveted "Cut/Copy/Paste"! :)