How Drupal is like The Island

This might be a fairly obscure reference, but it works for me, and it makes me happy. If you've seen the show LOST, there was an episode where the enigmatic character Ben (coincidence) was describing the Island to Locke. Paraphrasing, he said something like "On this Island, there is a box, a very big box, and whatever you want, it will give it to you." Now, I'm sure that someone with a better memory of the finer dialogue will correct me, but that's the idea. He was basically describing this concept of the Island "knowing" what you desired, using the box as a metaphor.

Why does this site look a lot like the stock Drupal Zen theme?

Note: I'm no longer using the Zen theme, as of 05/25/09, only because I felt the need for a change. :) This is still a relatively unmodified theme straight from the Drupal site. I still agree with my own thoughts below on the Zen and Garland themes.

Q: If I'm doing so much stuff with Drupal, why does my own site look like a stock theme?

I don't care what you say, this is freakin' funny

Source: somewhere on the 'net.
Note: You won't get it unless you understand music theory.

Three notes walk into a bar, a G, an Eb, and a C.

The bartender looks up and says "We don't serve minors."

So the Eb leaves and the other two have a fifth between them.

After a few drinks, the G was out flat, and the whole experience was diminished.

Eventually, the C sobers up, sees one of his friends missing, the other one passed out, and a policeman standing over him. And to his horror he realizes that he's under a rest.

Of Drupal and Joomla

Ok, so this is a Drupal site. Drupal has some nice features, and some nice modules. It appeals to my inner geek. I know that there are basically two major CMS camps out there at the moment: Drupal and Joomla. I have now had the opportunity to use both. I recently had a project that I wanted to use a CMS for, and I tried implementing the same site in both systems.

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