UIViewController, multiple text fields, and getting rid of the keyboard

I have a UIViewController that has a number of UITextField subviews. In Cocoa for iPhone, I was unable to find a way to determine what the current UIResponder is in order to dismiss it properly, so I wrote this bit of code to iterate through the subclasses of the view, and resign the text field that is currently being edited.

One thing that is notable here is introspection, where once we have the object, we ask it if it is a KindOf UITextField. If so, we know that we can send it the messages 'isEditing' and 'resignFirstResponder'.

iPhone or gPhone?

I would have to say that I agree with the various postings lately about the gPhone vs. iPhone. I haven't seen a compelling reason to run out and get a T-Mobile account, and get on the G1 train. I do, however, feel that the Android platform is going to be a force to be reckoned with for Apple.

Why There's No Flash on the iPhone

I was just reading this article regarding flash on the iPhone. The original author basically states that Apple's SDK limitations disallow a developer to author and publish an interpreter (Java/JVM, or Flash would fall into this category).

And so, it begins...

The process has begun, stay tuned for more info!

(cryptic message intentional.) :)

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