My thoughts on the number of visible PHP jobs versus Drupal-specific ones


I originally posted this as a comment on here:

But, I thought the concepts were more general, and deserved more visibility.

This is basically discussing the reason that there are more people looking for PHP developers than Drupal developers, specifically.

Marketing and buzzwords

How Drupal is like The Island

This might be a fairly obscure reference, but it works for me, and it makes me happy. If you've seen the show LOST, there was an episode where the enigmatic character Ben (coincidence) was describing the Island to Locke. Paraphrasing, he said something like "On this Island, there is a box, a very big box, and whatever you want, it will give it to you." Now, I'm sure that someone with a better memory of the finer dialogue will correct me, but that's the idea. He was basically describing this concept of the Island "knowing" what you desired, using the box as a metaphor.

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