Drupal and Ubercart get together to support a classic medium...

I recently launched a beta version of this site for my client: http://www.pencils.com/. It uses Drupal 5.7, and the latest Ubercart. The site concept is very cool, and I think they will do well. I'm planning on writing up a technical paper on how everything was done as a contribution.


Congratulations on a job well done. The site is slick and quite robust. I look forward to the write-up, and I'm curious if you were able to use the discounts contrib o if you made your own solution.

Thanks, Ryan! I thought I would point out our discussion here for the technical bits: http://www.ubercart.org/forum/live_sites/4015/ubercart_sells_pencils

Great job, Ben!

Very very nice block Guided Store Search. Could you tell me which contributions did you use to make that powerful block? It is exact what I want for my e-commerce web-site. Thanks in advance!!!

Thanks. Don't really know how to get back to you, as you didn't leave contact information, but it's done with the faceted_search module.