How Drupal is like The Island

This might be a fairly obscure reference, but it works for me, and it makes me happy. If you've seen the show LOST, there was an episode where the enigmatic character Ben (coincidence) was describing the Island to Locke. Paraphrasing, he said something like "On this Island, there is a box, a very big box, and whatever you want, it will give it to you." Now, I'm sure that someone with a better memory of the finer dialogue will correct me, but that's the idea. He was basically describing this concept of the Island "knowing" what you desired, using the box as a metaphor.

Island? Drupal? Huh? Well, this Ben says, "Inside Drupal, there is a box, a very large box, and whatever you want, it will give it to you." Having done the majority of my development lately based around Drupal 5.x, having to go back to legacy PHP coding... well... sucks. I think I described it as writing code with duct tape and a swiss army knife. Not the true-blue Victorinox one with the 9 billion gadgets on it, but the one that you get when passing through that little deserted town, stopping to get gas, and notice the little novelty pocket knife on the counter for $3.99, and figure that it might be useful at some point during the remainder of your trip... The one that has two blades, and a tootpick. Right. THAT, and some duct tape.

Drupal, on the other hand, is this 6' tall tool chest with everything imaginable. Not only that, but there's a guy across the street sitting in his garage drinking a beer, waiting to help you out. He's already used that tool, knows exactly how to apply it to your problem, and is probably willing to help for the price of another cold one. Perhaps even less.

Unforunately, LOST isn't coming back on until Februrary '08. Fortunately, I still have Drupal, a lot of ideas, and a lot of projects to get done.

If you haven't found Drupal yet, and you build web-based applications, or sites, you really need to. My Joomla! buddies are becoming converts, after having shown them the light. If you need a little push over the edge, I'm sure that someone on the Drupal site would be happy to push, and I'd be right there with them!